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The Grief of Alzheimer’s Disease

Understanding the grief experience of patients and care givers

As patient symptoms increase, so do grief reactions by both patients and family members. Frustration, confusion, sadness, and bargaining occur with every change.

This workshop will introduce components of grief typically experienced by patients and caregivers coping with Alzheimer’s disease. Participants will learn how to recognize components of grief and obtain tools for effective client/patient/family interventions.

Objectives for this workshop:

  • Discuss patient grief
  • Discuss caregiver grief
  • Discuss grief similarities and disparities between patients and caregivers
  • Discuss caregiver burnout risk
  • Practice coping techniques for use with clients/patients

Workshops and discussions can be customized to meet the needs of your organization or group.

Note – There is no commercial support or sponsorship for this program

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