Building Strong Young People with GRIT

Our schools and students need GRIT now more than ever.

A Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Inspired Program designed by licensed mental health professionals and tenured teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the United States.

These past several years have seen more grief and loss than ever. Our students need help and Hearts of Hope offers the program to help to address this growing need.

Bring GRIT to your school and see the transformational benefits your students receive.


  • GRIEF – Education about the physical/emotional/behavioral aspects of grief.
  • RESILIENCE – SEL Exercise – students are taught through demonstration techniques to learn and practice resilience.
  • INSPIRES – SEL Exercise – students learn to “create hope” for themselves and for others through our Hearts of Hope Healing Art Program.
  • TRIUMPH – SEL Exercise – students have all GRIT components wrapped up on this concluding exercise – delivering HOPE first-hand and seeing the impact of their efforts first-hand.


  • The GRIT program is offered in five 45-minute segments.
  • GRIT can be offered throughout the school year as you designate.
  • Two options to offer GRIT to your school:
    • Hearts of Hope will come to your school to facilitate the GRIT Program.
    • Hearts of Hope will train your faculty to facilitate the GRIT Program.

Certificates of Completion are awarded to students following completion of the GRIT Program.

Schools receive signage and designation that “THIS IS A SCHOOL WITH GRIT”

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