Hoosier Road Elementary School

Our Story of Hope…

Hoosier Elementary Class

In October 2018 our school suffered a tragic loss of one of our teachers. The PTO at our school gave every teacher a Heart of Hope. I showed my class my heart and the kids asked if they could make a heart to give to people who were sad and needing hope. They decided they would like to raise money for the WHOLE school (670 students) to make a heart. We fund-raised, wrote a grant, and asked for donations! The students in our school have LOVED creating the hearts and we have learned how a tragedy in our own lives can lead us to do great things for others by offering love and hope. We are not finished with our project, but are so excited to be a part of something so big. We love knowing kids really can change the world…and they are through acts of love and kindness!

               - Traci Gue, Faculty Member, Hoosier Road Elementary School